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Watch this 5 min PowerPoint / You Tube Introduction to TARG…..

  • Fri 12th July. 8pm Net Via GB3DA. Preceded by CW on 144.250USB at 7.15pm.
  • Fri 19th July 8pm. TARGet Nite. Hands-On Radio.

Training dates: Foundation: 20/21 July (current syllabus) + 26/27 Oct (new syllabus)

Photo of BejoyFriday 5th July

It’s all about distance. The further away the source of the RF, the better! Dr.Bejoy, M0IKN, proved the point with a tape measure clamped to the table and a SDR at the other end then measured the decrease in received power with a meter. The problem comes when we have no choice or knowledge of dangerous RF levels in public transmitters and phones.

Antenna Day Photo16th June: Antenna Day

This was an exclusive event for any TARG member who booked for the Antenna Testing day. The aim was to have the space to try out new or existing home brew antennas in the presence of experienced members for advice on, well, why it didn’t work! “I fulfilled the objective for the day all by myself“, said Nigel M0ICH, whose radials for a vertical didn’t do the job; but with a little wisdom from fellow club members the end result (photo) worked perfectly.

Other antennas under test included Delta Loop,  Mag Loop, DMR Hot Spot and Satellite array.  The venue has six types of permanent antenna on display and we are grateful to Gary M0ICG, and his XYL, for their hospitality at their QTH.

Picture of presentationFriday 7th June: Get Knotted

Presentation on knots to secure antennas. Mark M0IEO covered details such as different types of rope (some stretch and some don’t), different ways of sealing the ends so they don’t fray, how to fold a rope so it doesn’t untangle in transit, tips like adding knots when using to a pulley to stop the rope falling backwards, shortening a rope without cutting it to avoid tip hazard – as well as actual knot types: anitmatedknots.com


Week ending 1st June

The annual week of TARG radio at Crowsheath (near Billericay) was another success. Fine WX and total of 10 pitches over the week with another 10 day visitors. A whole range of antennas to help with and learn from: Delta loop (picture), off center dipole, 6m Beam to mention a few. The real benefit came from sharing each others company and making the hobby fun. Contacts on 10w. UAE and South Africa.

Hadleigh ParkSunday 2nd June

This event was arranged to coincide with a family astronomy day being held at the park. Posters advertising our satellite comms were on display all around the park so the hobby has had some great exposure. Two tracking stations were in operation and there was clear reception.

In addition, there was a 80m CW station and (lower photo) a 20m Delta loop and 40m dipole in operation. The visibility of the antennas on the hill top attracted much curiosity from walkers.

Very grateful to everyone who turned up either with kit or simply to offer support. It was great to see you all. Special mention to the management of Hadleigh Coutnry Park for allowing us to use their splendid facilities and giving us a dispensation to drive our heavy kit to the set-up point.

The excitement of the day was when our stations were in imminent threat of being trampled underfoot by a herd of cattle; so it a group effort to shoo them off in the other direction. They didn’t cover that in the new syllabus!

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