Welcome to Thames Amateur Radio Group (TARG)

Watch this 5 min PowerPoint / You Tube Introduction to TARG…..

  • Fri 28 Feb 8pm – TARG net via GB3DA (preceded by slow CW on 144.250)
  • FRi 06Mar 8pm – Digital Modes like FT8. Andrew M0IXY
  • Intermediate Course. 25/26 Apr and 02/03 May
  • Foundation Course. 06/07 June

Demo ofMeshUKTARGet Nite: 21st Feb

Another well attended gathering. In one corner was preparation for the talk in April about Power Supplies. In another corner was an explanation of resister colour codes. In the middle was a homemade CW generator. And in by the window was Andrew M0ONH (photo) demonstrating the reality of having a conventional phone connected by digital nodes in an amateur radio equivalent of the internet (see UKmesh.org).

Protective ClothingFeb Presentation: Bee Keeping

Once a year we have a non-radio talk. This time it was “Our First Year in Bee Keeping” by Mark M0IEO and Belinda M6JNX. The interest was palpable with many questions when, on other occasions, we would have been queuing up for tea, or heading for the hills. A fascinating insight and goes to show that there is more to amateur radio enthusiasts than a rubber stamp QSO.

Picture of Canvey Rally

TARG at Canvey Rally

On Sunday 2nd Feb the Radio Hamming community descended to the famous “Canvey Rally”. TARG were there representing the club with our banner drawing attention to the table where there was an informative rolling Power Point of all we do and leaflets with the updated agenda for 2020. This was a good opportunity to meet with members from other clubs around the region and to catch up on tech old and new.

screen shot

TARGet Nite on 17 Jan

25 members attended. Mark M0IEO used QRP on the club endfed antenna. In the hall was 1-2-1 calculator tuition. Lots of interest in Andrew MoONH’s live demo of AREDN – Amateur Radio Emergency Radio Network – where operators have a node at their QTH within range of another node and this acts like a radio-based internet. If the real internet fails then AREDN takes over. The more people that get a node the greater the coverage.

Photo of mugs

TARG Shop – we’ll drink to that

Well done to Dorothy and Richard for ordering their personalised club Mugs. TARG logo on one side and call sign on the other. The mugs can, if you wish, be stored at the club between meetings do you will always have your own mug ready for next time. It also helps with communications as people will recognise your call sign from the net. Visit: Shop


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