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There are no meetings at Jubilee Hall during August – but there are extra Friday Night Nets instead. On 19th Aug at 8pm via GB3DA, there is a special TARG net hosted by Andrew M0ICH. It will be under the callsign: GB8PCA – and lots more information can be found at https://www.qrz.com/db/GB8PCA

July Radio Active: (3rd Friday)

One reason that TARG is so popular is because of it’s hands-on approach to learning radio communication. Just like there are ground based repeater stations, there are also repeater stations in orbit we case use, often with nor more than a hand held radio and the right type of antenna. This months “Radio Active” was in the field next to the club house. Many amateur satellites receive an OSCAR designation, which is an acronym for Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio. Photo shows (left) TARG Chair John M0LFX together with Radio Active lead, Andy M0IXY who brought his home made antenna to prove it is all possible.

July Club Meeting (1st Friday)

Steve M0OAD demonstrated two of his home made antennas. The first, a Mag Loop made from a bicyle wheel, and the second, a loop made from ladder line. He explained the advantages and disadvantes of each. The Mag loop is an option if, like Steve, you have a garden that will not support the long lengths of wire needed for a dipole. Mike G8EFG stood in for the photograph so that you get an idea of scale.

Summer Holiday

There are no meetings at Jubilee Hall during August. There will be extra Nets on Fridays with a Special Net on 19th Aug hosted by Andrew M0ONH – more details to follow, please join us if you can.

TOTA (Tank on the Air)

Saturday 25th June saw four members of TARG at Southend Airport operating in commemoration of Armed Forces Day from the tank shown in the picture. Band conditions were testing to say the least but around 20 contacts were made on HF and by using GB7ISX Gateway, contact was made with two other Vulcan groups.

The photo shows Maggie M7LCF and Andrew M0IXY working HF at the rear of the tank.

Special Event Station – Jubilee Long Weekend

TARG have done it again – the return of our Annual weekend away. Antennas, radios and, when DX disappears on 20m as the sun goes down, out comes the lemonaide. Clubs members have descended on a campsite near Wickford for a weekend of social radio. Caravans, mobile homes, tents (owned or borrowed) making the ideal venue for outdoor opreating (and learning).

Using the Special Event Call-sign GB2PJE (Platinum Jubilee Event), the stations are open to contacts that you can add to your Log Book.

What’s Next?

Check for the diary page for events during July and August.

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