Welcome to Thames Amateur Radio Group (TARG)

Club Night – Fri 5th November at 8pm

TARG are delighted to welcome Justin Johnson GoKSC the founder of https://www.innovantennas.com

Justin is an authority on everything to do with Antennas. It’s his passion and his job.

On this occasion Justin will explain why some vertical antennas work and some dont.

This will be be the occasion of our postponed super raffle with a chance to win a hand held transceiver.


TARG has gone Radio Active.

Our first new-style post-lockdown club meeting, called “Radio Active”, on Friday 15th October went according to plan. On offer for attendees was a range of radio related projects each with an experienced TARG member as guide:

  • Fitting RF plugs to Coax cable
  • Testing an VFO kit
  • Morse Code tutorial using different types of keys and electronic generators
  • Setting up a HF radio and testing for SWR

Picture shows club member Mike G8EFG with his home made antenna kit. He opened the lit so we could see the components inside. There are two rocker switches to enable the antenna to be tuned for 20m, 40m and 80m. He explained how the unit has yet to be fine tuned for maximum efficiency by reducing to length of the antenna wire so that it matches the wavelength in use. This was an excellent example of how theoritical knowlege is put into practice.

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