Welcome to Thames Amateur Radio Group (TARG)

Watch this 5 min PowerPoint / You Tube Introduction to TARG…..

  • Fri 22nd Mar. 8pm Net Via GB3DA. Preceded by CW on 144.250USB at 7.15pm.
  • Fri 29th Mar. 8pm Net Via GB3DA. Preceded by CW on 144.250USB at 7.15pm.

Reminder of training dates:
Intermediate: 27-28 April +4-5 May | Foundation: 20/21 July

Photo of Jaun15th March – TARGet Nite (3rd Fri every Month)

Very busy evening with 7 activities taking place both upstairs and downstairs at the hall.  The emphasis is on “practical radio”, especially repairs and demonstration of new equipment for example; John M0LFX, has developed a portable HF base for a Firestick and ground radials which will be featured in the April newsletter. Photo shows Juan’s Go Box, see News Page where we have featured three topics with links.

2nd March – A life long present

Photo of Simon and SteveSteve, G0EUH, met TARG at Canvey Rally and sponsored his daughter, Sarah, to sit the foundation Exam which, by good fortune, was only two weeks away. Inspired by his wife’s success, Sarah’s husband, Simon, also wanted a licence and passed four weeks after the Rally! So, within the space of one month, Dad’s generosity and the candidates hard work there are now three licence holders in the family. What a great present.

1st March: Club Meeting (1st Fri every Month)

Club Meeting36 people attended the club meeting including John who has his new call sign, M7ADV so looking forward to hearing him on the Fri TARG Net next week, 8th March which will be hosted for the first time by Andrew M0ONH. The talk was by Mark M0IEO on the topic of Rapid Deployment Radio which covered everything from keeping a hand-held in your car to Field Days and the role of Amateurs in an emergency. A large selection of collapsible antennas an explanation of the pros and cons of different types of power supplies.

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