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Watch this 5 min PowerPoint / You Tube Introduction to TARG…..

  • Fri 23rd Aug 8pm. Net – GB3DA (Slow CW Net on 144.250 from 7.30pm)
  • Fri 6th Sept 8pm. The role of Royal Observer Corps in Nuclear War.

Training dates: Foundation 26/27 Oct (new syllabus)

Photo of Andrew Simpkins16th Augt: On TARGet with 2 Andrews

Every 3rd Friday of the month we hold TARGet Nite (hands on radio) – but August was special. Two candidates, both called Andrew, passed their Foundation Licences.

Photo shows Andrew Simkins, 13yrs, with his proud parents so now there are four radio amateurs in the family. Andrew achieved a remarkable score of over 90%. Congratulations.

Raffle Prizes2nd August: Club Presentation

New Foundation Licence recipients, Aubery M7SDA and Steve M7AHT, holding two of the raffle prizes –  kits to eliminate interference. These, and other relevant prizes were generously donated by the evening’s speaker, John M0LFX, where the topic was “Identifying and eliminating RF interference”. Of particular interest was the live demo of how an HF antenna can induce RF noise into a VHF antenna and visa-versa.

Picture of Drone VideoDrone Video of TARG Satellite Day

Click here to watch 2min video of the TARG Satellite Field Day at Hadleigh Country Park on 2nd June. Amazing views of the location showing why it is one of our favourite spots for portable work.

Also: Sorry the Net was cancelled on 26th July. The Repeater was off air due to the exceptionally hot weather.

19th/ 20th /21st July: A busy Weekend! 

Photo of Foundation

On Friday 19th July, retired sub-mariner Andrew passed his Advanced Exam while TARGet Nite was taking place in the next room. He took his Foundation Licence in March this year (M7RNS – one of the first M7’s in the club) and after 2 months passed his Intermediate Course and obtained his next level of call sign: 2E0FJI. From Foundation to Full Licence in five months.

Then, over the following weekend, eight more people passed their Foundation Licence at TARG (photo of candidates and instructors).  Congratulations to everyone for their hard work, and to the Training Team for giving up their time to help a new tranche of enthusiasts into the world of Amateur Radio.

This was immediately followed on Sunday evening by a Committee Meeting to plan events for the remainder of the year. Loads going on: see Diary Page.

Photo of Bejoy

Friday 5th July

It’s all about distance. The further away the source of the RF, the better! Dr.Bejoy, M0IKN, proved the point with a tape measure clamped to the table and a SDR at the other end then measured the decrease in received power with a meter. The problem comes when we have no choice or knowledge of dangerous RF levels in public transmitters and phones.

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