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  • Fri 8th Feb. 8pm Net Via GB3DA. Preceded by CW on 144.250USB at 7.15pm.
  • Fri 15th Feb. 8pm. TARGet Nite: Hands on practical radio projects

Reminder of training dates:
Intermediate: 27-28 April +4-5 May | Foundation: 20/21 July

John, Sarah and Daniel17th Feb: Foundation Passes

Congratulations to John, Sarah and Daniel who passed this Foundation Course this weekend. John was so confident he even bought a HF radio at the Canvey Rally on 3rd Feb and now he’ll have a licence to use it. Two weeks ago Sarah didn’t even know she would be taking the exam; her Dad, a full licence holder, met TARG at the same Canvey Rally and kindly sponsored her to take the training; a father/daughter amateur radio family. Daniel traveled down from Suffolk for the course, but his QTH is within range of Danbury Repeater so look forward to hearing him on the next net.

Photo of TARGet nite15th Feb: TARGet Nite

Another busy evening with 23 members attending and 5 activities taking place during the evening. Picture shows a Mag Loop under analysis. New to this event, and very well received, was a talk Kenny M0XKG, in response to a club member’s question, ab out how a AM signal is demodulated. In reality it’s a bit more complicated than the abridged version given in the Foundation explanation of a crystal set: this went down really well – next time the topic will be calculating the impedance in a circuit.

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Photo of our stall3rd Feb: Canvey Rally

The TARG committee set up our stall early at Canvey Rally and stayed to the end. A very productive day in terms of signing up people for training and for networking with other clubs. It was interesting to be asked questions from visitors which showed the wide range of interest in radio. Some were lapsed amateurs keen to get back into the hobby; some love construction; some preferred radio theory while others were interested in operating. Our generic advise is to simply come along to any of our meetings and see how we can help you progress in the hobby.

Gary M0ICG

02 Feb: Club Night

In terms of grabbing audience attention you can’t beat a live demonstration. This is exactly what Gary, M0ICG, did by showing how to decipher strangle radio signals. We all recognized the sound he picked up, thanks to large speakers, but the crux of the technique was to see the pattern on the waterfall display and check it against a database of waterfall displays to find a match.

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18th Jan: TARGet Nite:

Several projects were underway during the evening. Some upstairs and some downstairs. Photo shows John M0LFX testing the BITX HF-transmitter built by Alan 2E0FBP. The home-brew dummy load gave a signal into the hand-help HF receiver. The transmitter is contained in the yellow carry case and built from a kit available on the internet.

It was nice to have so many people present. There was a follow up to the Committee Meeting that took place last weekend and a display of our new “Special Event” notice boards. The Merchandise team have been working hard and showed examples of ideas for new garments and integrating the logo with your callsign.

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The planned presentation on Knots has now been put back to July Meeting.

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