Welcome to Thames Amateur Radio Group (TARG)

Watch this 5 min PowerPoint / You Tube Introduction to TARG…..

  • Every Fri at 8pm – TARG net via GB3DA

Important Update:

Mark M0IEO and Brian 2E0EUD have gone to a lot of effort to arrange our next club events as published in the newsletter. On the same day the newsletter was circulated the government made the surprise announcement about max 6 people meeting at any one time. We have looked at all the options but with a heavy heart have cancelled both Watt Tyler and Two Tree Island.  However, still lots going on…

Building on the sucess of the TARG Webinars led by Ken M0XKG and Oscar 2E1HWE, is that the next two Webinars will be;

  • Fri 25th Sept 8pm: RSGB Rep Dave Cutts, M0TAZ. Abuse of Service
  • Fri 2nd Oct 8pm: Andrew M0ONH. Live presentation software programming

Links to both of these will be published on the day.

Three Videos to watch (opens a new tab):

The first is by Oscar 2E1HWE operating 2m from Crowsheath and making contact with a friend many many miles away.

Making the point that with a Yagi and bit a high ground, 2m is an excellent means of communication.

The second is a compilation of photos from Crowsheath – set to music (see if you can recognise the tune).

If you’ve not yet experienced Crowsheath then this is a good look around to get a feel for the place.

Many thanks to Gary M5YRG for producing it for us.

The third is from the Waters and Stanton YouTube channel where Peter Waters, G3OJV, makes reference to his interview on the TARG Webinar.

We were very pleased to welcome him as a guest and recorded the most visitors so far to the TARG Webinar.

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