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This Sat 13th April; TARG are joining Thurrock Acorns at the Essex Wildlife Trust (SS17 0RN) fom 10am.

TARG will be operating Satellite radio, Acorns will be on HF and both taking part in the Essex 2m Activity Day.

Its good that local clubs are operating together, and at this scenic location there will many members of the public who always take an interest in what’s going on.

Apr. Meeting

We tested a low power (low milli watt range) and long range communication protocol called LoRa. Signals travel surprising distances with a modest antenna. It sends SMS messages, or control messages to devices, and all done without the internet.

One section of the UK LoRa frequency allocation is Licence free. Or use the 70cm band that can be programmed to create a LoRa satellite ground station, but you will need a Licence for that.

On the night there was a short talk followed by building a LoRa network from scratch, use of LoRa equipment, and a RX-Only LoRa satellite ground station. A  great chance to try out some exciting equipment. Live Streamed for members.

Mar. Meeting

Face to face meetings are good fun – and helpful. TARG members have a range of skills which they are willing to share. The March meeting was to delve deeper into the topic of Hot Spots (little devises that connect your handheld to the internet). This is another way people can join the 3rd Fri of the month DMR net.

Always check the Diary Page as there is something happening most weeks.

TARG at Canvey Rally (4th Feb)

The Canevy Rally is an ideal opportunity to meet fellow Radio Amateurs. Many clubs had their own stall and it is encouraging to see so much enthusiam in the Essex area. TARG was proud to display a new pull up poster which will also be used (weather permitting) at field days to inform members of the public. To find out more about what we do – get in touch.

Feb. Meeting

Pagers – they never went away. At one time a status symbol for being important; in fact, pagers were very useful as a compact one-way communication device. The first ones just sent a beep; later models had words. Their miniature size has an advantage. They are still available on the Amateur Radio network and at the Club meeting (available online for members) there was a live demo of the system in action.

Jan. Meeting

By tradition, the January Meeting is on a non-radio subject, albeit this topic was also about wavelengths, but of a different kind. Andy M0IXY and Maggie M7LCF gave us an introduction to the Northumbrian Smallpipes. There was a technical explanation of how they work followed by a demonstration of the 17 Key Charlton Pattern pipeset in traditional G pitch, intended for indoor performances.



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