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AGM: Friday 6th Aug at 8pm

Yes We’re Back! The postponed AGM is all set to go. Get a chance to meet people face-to-face you’ve not seen for ages. Elect the committee and contribute to the discussion on the way forward for TARG. All taking place at Jubilee Hall ; if you’ve been following the Monthly webinars and want to take part in the real-thing, then see our Find Us Page on how to get to the venue (the give away is seeing lots of cars with Amateur Radio antennas on the roof).



GB2VUL 20th and 26th June


This is the Special Event Call Sign operated by the Chair and Secretary of TARG at two Open Days for the Vulcan Bomber based at Southend Airport.

The first, on 20th June, was a ticketed walk around the outside of the bomber to get an impression of its size and ask questions to volunteers of the Resteration Trust who were on site.

TARG were operating HF, via an ex-Navy Warship Vertical 40m Antenna, from the inside of a Control Vehicle near the hanger as shown by Mark M0IEO (photo below).

John, M0LFX, shown here with a VHF handheld (coffee cup and whist holding the flag) was the NoV holder for the day, he is the Chair of TARG and a Radio Engineer working on the Vulcan.

More details can be found the QRZ.com page under GB2VUL.


The 26th June was Armed Forces Day and the area was packed with visitors waiting for the full throttle taxi along the runway. This aircraft is only one of three in the world certificated to undertake this manoeuvre.

TARG was operating from 10am till 4pm.on 20m, 40m, VHF and UHF.  TARG member Oscar, 2E1HWE, will be operating the FreeStar Gateway Network “MB7ISX” on 145.2875Mhz. CTCSS 110.9Hz. On the 20th he managed to open a link between this Vulcan and the one at Newark Museum.

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