Welcome to Thames Amateur Radio Group (TARG)

Watch this 5 min PowerPoint / You Tube Introduction to TARG…..

What’s next:

During October we will continue with the increasingly popular Friday Night Net (8pm via, GB3DA). To see who is controller look on the Diary Page. Then in November TARG will launch a major project that will motivate and encourage us during the pandemic and into the next phase of the Club’s evolution. What it is? More information to follow….

Download for Webinar on Raspberry Pi Demo ofMeshUK

  • Presentation by Andrew M0ONH.
  • Live software programming
  • Here is the link to download the PowerPoint


Video to watch (opens a new tab):

Oscar 2E1HWE operating 2m from Crowsheath and making contact with a friend many many miles away.

Making the point that with a Yagi and bit a high ground, 2m is an excellent means of communication.

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