John (Jack) Brazzill Silent Key

John (Jack) Brazzill


Silent Key

19/02/1918 to 29/05/2016



It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of John Henry Brazzill, G3WP. John, who preferred to be called Jack, was born in Brightlingsea Essex on February 19th 1918. During WWII he saw service as a radio operator in the Royal Navy and was posted to Iceland as well as spending some time off the coast of Wales. This gave Jack a good grounding and passion for radio which never left him and after the war Jack was offered, but turned down a career in the Admiralty in London, preferring instead to take a post with Marconi in New Street in Chelmsford as a Communications Manager where he remained until he retired.

It was during his time working for a company called Dencos based in Old Road, Clacton, the company was owned by a keen radio amateur, a German man named Dennis Hightman, during the post war years that Jack met and fell in love with Joan Edith Bridges. Dencos was an electrical manufacturer producing radios, televisions and even hearing aids and Joan worked in the windings room whilst Jack was an inspector for the firm. Jack and Joan were married on the 26th May 1951 and had three children, John, Garry and Susan.

Jack’s hobbies were as diverse as hobbies could be, as well as being a prolific radio amateur Jack was also a volunteer sub manager for the Radio Society of Great Britain QSL bureau, a post he held for well over 50 years, he loved being able to help other amateurs and being an unassuming person never liked to make too much of his efforts to keep the QSL cards rolling. Jack never really had much time for television unless the cricket was on and was a keen supporter of the Essex team to the extent of having a season ticket for the County Ground in Chelmsford. Jack also loved a flutter on the horses and would often ‘study the form’ but never had any big wins or for that matter any big losses, which is testament to the measure of Jack, moderation in all things.

Jack was a lover of Police dramas with his favourites being Inspector Morse with John Thaw and Inspector Frost with David Jason. He also had a love for classical music and would use his amateur radio kit to scroll through the bands looking for foreign stations which were playing classical music.

Jack was very much a local man who would never travel too far from his beloved Essex, one of the few foreign holidays Jack did enjoy was to Canada when his son Garry married his wife Laurie in August 1991, Jack along with his daughter Susan and son John travelled all across the Rockies in a huge campervan and explored much of British Columbia with his family, memories which will remain with the family for ever.

If I were to summarise Jack, it would be a quiet, unassuming and gentle man who lead a simple life of simple pleasures and always said what he thought, loved by those who knew him for his simplicity and honesty.

Rest in peace Jack, 73 from all who knew you.     QRZ?


Written by Mark Sanderson, M0IEO from information supplied by Jack’s daughter Susan Rees.

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