Antenna Resonant Lengths

Antenna Resonant Length Table

Many of the published tables of antenna element lengths do not include the HF bands. To save pressing the keys on a pocket calculator, the table below shows lengths for selected frequencies for wire antennas erected well clear of the ground and away from other large objects; bends in the antenna may also increase the length required and it is advisable to check elements with a GDO or noise bridge.

In the table, the second column represents the physical length of /2; the next column shows the usual end correction of roughly 5per cent; the final column shows the correction deducted to the nearest inch.

For antennas more than /2 long only one end correction should be deducted; for example, a full-wave antenna for 14.100kHz would be about 2 by 34ft 11ins. Less than 1ft 9in, i.e 68ft 1in so that a given long-wire antenna will not resonate precisely on harmonic-related frequencies, although this is usually not of great practical consequence.

Resonant Lengths

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