April 2018

Photo of Dorothy M0LMR27Apr: A big thank you to Dorothy M0LMR for hosting the TARG net this evening.

We are very keen that the Controller role be available to regular TARG members and that everyone, from any club, feel free to join in.

This is an excellent opportunity for M6s in particular to join-in to get practice on-air. (Pic courtesy of EssexHam).


25Apr: Four TARG Committee Members visited the Castle Point Combined Division of St John Ambulance, here they met up with their younger members – Badgers – who were studying for their Communications Badge.

There was a presentation on radio, antennas, Morse Code and Sign Language.  Everyone had a good time and the Badgers received a special TARG Certificate. 

Photo of Nigel and Peter

21Apr: A contingent from TARG visited Sandford Mill Museum for the annual International Marconi Day organised by CARS (Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society).

Photo shows the Chairs of TARG (left) and CARS (right) by the BBQ with EssexCW Committee holding a meeting in the background. The historic location is a must-see for radio enthusiasts.

Picture of Luke20Apr: TARGet Nite had a catalog of activities including: Slow and High Speed Morse, DMR, Testing s secondhand transceiver, Oscilloscope v. Frequency Generator, Frequency Counter v. Output Frequency and…

Luke M6LNT (photo) taking a close look at demo of 3D printer with the intended application of printing a grooved helix onto tube to wind a non-slip inductor. 

Photo of Archery06Apr: This year’s non-radio related talk was by Debs M6PTD on Archery.

Ably assisted by Huw M0LHT (photo) we were shown four different types of bow. The talk was peppered with interesting facts, like carbon fibre arrows are difficult to find in long grass so have a detectable metal strip in them. Also, narrow light-weight arrows are more accurate in the wind than chunkier wooden ones. And those targets – they are so small at a distance!

Accessibility is no problem with examples of people with physical disabilities who compete to international standard. There were photos of equipment to assist archers who are blind.

The club notices were slightly longer than usual as we listed all the guest speakers and field events from now until the end of the year. Check Dairy page for details.

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