August 2017


TARG were at the Military and Flying Machines Show on 12/ 13 th Aug. This is our third year and our biggest opportunity to present the club to thousands of people in Essex. 

We were lucky to be right by the entrance and positioned the table so the radio operating controls were facing the crowd which helped with people intrigued by what all the buttons do.  

Many thanks to John, 2E0LFX, Norman M0FZW and Nigel M0ICH who represented the club over two days in blazing sun.

TARG produced specially designed leaflets for the show aimed at people with military equipment with a view to encouraging them to sign up for one of our training courses to obtain their licence.

Nigel, Norman and John took it in turns to leave one person at the stall while the other two went off in search of suitable exhibitors. This did mean, however, it was not possible to send or received as many contacts using the special event call sign – GB2MFM – as the aim was not to talk to existing radio hams to encourage new people into the hobby.

We needed to be on site in Maldon by 8.30am each day to set up a radio working with three antennas; HF inverted “V” or 10m vertical, and 2m vertical and 2m yagi. These proved very helpful when explaining propagation to visitors.

We also took a Morse key which went down really well as it was a military show. The sound attracted attention and we were privileged to have Andy G0IBN (senior tutor with Essex CW) stop by (bottom picture) he achieved more contacts in 10 mins than we did all day.

One particularity interesting visit was from owner of an American Jeep fitted with a military radio who picked up a leaflet and came back for more information. He was dressed in full combat gear with a gun slung over his shoulder. 

Other News

Our guest speaker on 4th August was John 2E0LFX (top picture) who is a qualified electrician with many years of experience. He spoke on the subject of building a shack from scratch.

He explained many safety features with the use of powerpoint and, following the feedback from club members, many practical demonstrations with exhibits he brought for the purpose. 

(There was no TARGet Nite in August  due to the summer holiday).

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