August 2018

Photo of antennas19th August: Antenna Masterclass. You can read all the books you want, be told 6 different ways by 6 different people, but it’s not until you do it yourself – and make your mistakes – that you fully understand a concept such as constructing your own antenna.

That is what the Antenna building day was about; sharing experience and helping people new to the practical side of things to have a go. 

The event was hosted by Gary, M0ICG, who make available his, rather large, garden. He has a number of antenna permanently set up including, at HF, a Windom, Fan Dipole and CobWeb.

Group Photo

We built ab Inverted V and the lesson learnt there was just how much space is needed free from obstructions in order to lay out the antenna wires. To transmit at 80m the half wave dipole needs to be about 40m and that is a lot of space needed without a fence, tree or other obstacle in the way. 

Huw, M0LHT, didn’t have that problem as he had his dipole set up vertically. In fact, he had another dipole running parallel to act as a reflector and create some “gain” in a particular direction.

Photo of Aug Meeting

3rd August: Presentation by Jon M0KGX and Huw M0LHT on the topic of Data Modes.

They covered the mechanical setup of what extra kit is needed if not already built into the (more up-to-date) rig. There followed a live demo of SSTV and PSK31 which received text from Canada using a portable dipole set up between the club house and metal fence. 

The talk was supposed to only last but went for an hour… why?

  1. A joint presentation by Huw M0LHT & Jon M0KGX which, like some TV shows with 2 hosts, maintains interest.
  2. A live demo: and demos didn’t always work first time making it more authentic.
  3. Aimed at people new to the mode but experienced data operators contributed too so everyone was involved.

This 3 pronged approach left the audience wanting more.

Cancelled: There was another field day planned for Two Tree Island, but that was cancel due to a forecast of bad weather. Good call is it lashed down with rain for nearly all the day. 

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