December 2018

Picture of Field Day30th Dec. Field Day at Two Tree Island

The Field Day on Dec 30th was so well attended and so useful it’s a shame it may soon seem as “so last year”! Twenty-five people braved the cold in a capacity as operating, learning, experimenting or simply turning up to see what’s going on and support the club. At one point it was quite a sight seeing 13 cars lined up each with the appearance of a weird antenna projecting from the roof.

Huw, M0LHT was there from the crack of dawn (bottom photo) and, like others later in the day, knew the advantage of manipulating chunkier bolts and screws with frozen fingers. He used his home made, 3D printed coil loaded vertical antenna, among others.

Having ‘experienced members’ on hand to inspect your kit helped identify (with hindsight) simple errors like connecting the earth to the wrong terminal (name redacted to avoid embarrassment).

Photos from Field DayThere was an experiment using a 80m and 40m and 10m HF mag-mount antenna in isolation, then with an earth to chassis, then putting the same antenna on a stand with long wire radials (photo): what a difference in performance.

Gareth (M6MZC) and Jenson (M6OIU) brought their Clansman Radio (photo) which always attracts attention. Birthday Girl Dorothy, M0LMR, posed with Kenny (M0XGK) and wife Alice for a photo. Kenny used an end-fed antenna; while John G4LTH used a SotaBeam Dipole to make contacts as part of ‘Worked All Britain’ (after all, Two Tree Island, our operating location, is an “island”).

We were delighted that so many members and XYLs came simply to visit and show an interest. This included two non-amateurs who have now signed-up for our Foundation course in Feb. We were joined by 3 of the 4 new Full Licence holders who passed their OnLine exam earlier this month. 

Photos of Projects21Dec. TARGet Nite. At the last club meeting we asked if people still wanted a TARGet Nite only a few days before Christmas? Yes they did – and 21 people attended bringing with them a variety of projects. 

Andrew M0ONH (top photo) brought a home-brew device with a RF sniffer which detects when you begin to transmit and then gives a countdown based on a traffic light system so that you don’t exceed the repeater time-out. Del 2E0EVZ sporting the hat and Ben G1JLG were trouble shooting a power supply. There was also a demo of a working Bitex – more on that next time and an antenna for use at our field day on 30th December.

The Training Committee met and fixed dates for the next round of training with a new format which will include one-to-one mentoring. Eve 2E0EVN being the first to book a place. 

December Exam9th Dec. Congratulations to all four candidates who passed their Full Licence today. On the first our Full On-Line Examinations. Both candidates and Trainers were impressed with the ease of the new On-Line Exams now being provided by RSGB. Candidates were pleased that they got their result straight away and the work-load for Invigilators is greatly reduced.

Also praise for our condensed weekend course that helps candidates get into “exam mode”. 

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