Club Night:  First Friday every month 8pm.

This where we have a speaker with a presentation on a radio related subject. Once a year, by popular request, there will be a non-radio topic. Topics vary but often reflect conversations within the club. Talks are aimed at all levels of knowledge and we ask the speaker to include, where possible, a practical demonstration.

TARGet NiteThird Friday every month 8pm.

TARGet nite is all about ‘projects’. Some of the options include soldering, construction, fault finding, using test equipment, live operating on HF and VHF. There may be several subjects happening simultaneously in different parts of the hall from CW to DMR.

TARG Net Voice and CW NetEvery 2nd, 4th and 5th Friday of each month.

  • Voice is on GB3DA at 8pm (145.300 FM as back up if DA unavailable).
  • Slow CW net at 7.30pm on 144.250 USB. Controller Huw M0LHT or Nigel M0ICH


  • 02 Feb TARG Table at Canvey Rally (Please offer to help, or visit if you attend)
  • 07 Feb 8pm Annual Non-Radio theme: Bee Keeping Mark M0IEO and Belinda M6JNX
  • 14 Feb 8pm Net (see above) Controller: Mark M0IEO
  • 21 Feb 8pm TARGet Nite. Hands on Radio
  • 28 Feb 8pm Net (see above). Controller: Dorothy M0LMR


  • 06 Mar 8pm Presentation of FT8. Andrew M0IXY
  • 13 Mar 8pm Net (see above). Controller: Andrew M0ONH
  • 20 Mar 8pm TARGet Nite. Hands on Radio
  • 21 Mar from 9am: Two Tree Island
  • 27 Mar 8pm Net (see above). Controller: Nigel M0ICH


  • 03 Apr 8pm Presentation, Power Supplies. John M0LFX
  • 10 Apr 8pm Net (see above) Controller: Huw M0LHT
  • 10 Apr – 17 Apr: Crowsheath Field Event.
  • 17 Apr 8pm TARGet Nite. Hands on Radio
  • 18 Apr from 10am. International Radio Day. Venue TBA
  • 24 Apr 8pm Net (see above). Controller: John M0LFX

Looking Ahead in 2020

Provisional Venue Theme
Sat 27 Jun Wat Tyler Park Armed Forces Day
Sat+Sun 18/19 Jul Hadleigh Park Satellite and DX
Fri 28 Aug + 1wk Crowsheath Operating Radio
Sat+Sun 19/20 Sept Hadleigh Park Test Propagation
Sat 17 Oct Hadleigh Park Antennas & DX
Sat 21 Nov Two Tree Island Winter Wollies and Radio
Fri 11 Dec TBA TARG Xmas Dinner

Please Note – Dates and speakers could be subject to change

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