February 2018

TARget Nite 16Feb201816Feb: TARGet Nite had 30 visitors, not bad for our second regular meeting of the month.

As usual, lots of different activities taking placed at the same time. This month the most popular was a group exercise to set up DMR radio on handheld transceivers with the help of software on lap tops. Didn’t work first time but that the beauty of these events many people were able to work out why and fix-it. 

Photo of M0IEO fixing antenna

10Feb: Mark, M0IEO, had wind damage to his MA5B HF antenna with disastrous effect on the SWR. The only way to make repairs was, with the help of Belinda M6JNX, to put up a tower scaffold to go up to the antenna.

He swapped the old hose clamps with marine grade stainless steel clamps and cleaned the joints where dirt and corrosion have built up over 12 yrs. The element spacing was checked against the original specs, coax connections inspected and bolts tightened.

Was it worth it? The first contact a Lithuanian station LY2PX followed by UE95GA in Asiatic Russia. Not so impressive? It is when you realise both were on the back of the beam! Also, Mark had a QSO with YB0JS in Indonesia on a long wire. Who says you can’t work DX on HF at the moment?

Photo of Canvey Rally 2018

04Feb: TARG had a premier spot at the Canvey Rally; as visitors entered the hall they were welcomed by the giant banner kindly donated by Huw M0LHT with photos and design by Nigel M0ICH (photo right shows Vice-Chair John M0LFX).

Many thanks to the Committee members who represented the club. Mark M0IEO, training manager, had so many enquires we need to add a new date to the calendar. Norman M0FZW, Secretary, had four new members sign up. 

Photo of Feb2018 Talk

02Feb: Once a year we have a presentation on a non-radio related topic. This wasn’t one of them. Emergency First Aid is just as relevant to amateur radio as the knowledge of generic Health and Safety tested in the licence examinations.

TARG are fortunate to have a professional tutor of First Aid amongst our members. Fred 2E0FRE, and former Vice-Chair, delivered a power point on the topic and then, in keeping with most TARG presentations, moved over to practical demonstrations.

What became apparent is that what you see in TV fiction isn’t how it is done in real life.

Watching him do CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) emphasised the importance the correct ratio of compression to breaths: 30 compression to 2 breaths with compressions first.

01Feb: New frequencies for Southend Airport (Tower, Approach, Departure and other facilities) came into effect on 1st of February.  You will need to re-programme your radio and update the settings so that the ‘step’ is reduced from 25KHz to just 8.33KHz. Read this very useful explanation and reference document – produced by Mark M0IEO:

Changes to Air Band Frequencies (right click and download as a .pdf). 

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