Radio Amateur

Photo of MarkBe a radio amateur?

Amateur radio is a fascinating hobby. Talk to people all over the world, make new friends and learn about radio at a pace that suits you“.
Mark M0IEO
TARG Senior Trainer

The Foundation Licence gets you started on the air with a basic knowledge of radio and 10 watts of power (the licence-free radios only have half a watt of power). Then, when ready, progress to the Intermediate Licence which allows 50 watts, and the Full Licence allows 400 watts of power. You only progress to your next licence when YOU feel you are ready.

bookFrequently asked questions.

Q. Must I learn Morse code to be an amateur?

No, just an awareness of Morse and we teach you that.

Q. Do I have to join a radio club?

No, but helps to have a group of people who you meet on a regular basis to ask questions get help.

Q. We have mobile phones, why have amateur radio?

Your phone only goes as far as the next radio mast. Amateurs can transmit all over the world from their radio set at home.

Q. How much does a radio cost?

A handheld one like on the Foundation Training Manual (right) can be under £100.

Q. What qualifications do I need?

None. We run training courses that will help you get your licence.

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