July 2017

Special Event Station

On 25th June TARG ran “GB2HCP” at Hadleigh Country Park. CW on vertical (most contacts including Israel) – operated by club member Dean G4WQI who is also a member of EssexCW, 2m horizontal Yagi SSB (as far as Netherlands), experimental loop antenna, and Inverted V with many contacts in the UK and abroad. 

As always, these event are a real benefit for those who attended in learning how to set up a field station so we in the process of planning our next event in the Autumn.

Two Consultations

The Club meeting on 7th July was an opportunity for members to give an opinion. First, Nigel M0ICH (Chair) talked about the two regular TARG monthly meetings and recent field days asking what worked and where we can improve. A summary has been published in the July Newsletter. 

Secondly, Mark M0IEO (Training Lead) gave a presentation on the proposed changes to RSGB Foundation Training to help TARG submit a club response later this month. Club members could see the presentation and make comment in the Forum via the Log-In at the top of this page; the Forum itself is new this month and created following a feedback from a club member that it would be nice to access information without having to wait for the next meeting which can be up to two weeks away.

Bright Idea

One area of feedback was for more practical and less technical theory. Huw, M0LHT, the lead for TARGet Night (hands-on radio) and Mark M0IEO gave an intriguing display of how a light bulb can be used as an antenna. A 100W bulb glowed red when transmitting. Huw M0LHT has set a challenge for members to build their own bulb antenna by the Sept meeting. 

The theme of practical v. theory, and meeting the needs of old hands v. newer members is an intriguing debate. The summer will be a good opportunity for members to mull over what they want from TARG especially as the AGM approaches in November.

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