June 2018

Collage of photos15th June:

A busy TARGet Nite (3rd Fri) with 15 visitors involved with a number of projects taking place at the same time.

DMR is the favourite at the moment with questions around this convenient, mostly hand-held, mode of operating (top photo – Jacky M6OJG and Belinda M6JNX)

There was a discussion on Clansman, and a white board explanation of propagation. In another corner was construction and conversion of a power supply – with good advice about learning from club members with technical knowledge to share. 

As a bonus, a special 1-2-1 for Russell (lower photo, right) to have his Foundation Practical assessments including Morse (with Huw M0LHT) and putting together and operating a base station with Mark M0IEO. 

Photo of meeting

Fri 1st June TARG were pleased to welcome the Chair of EssexCW, and England CW Champion, Dean G4WQI.

Which is the better investment; the radio or the antenna? 

This presentation gave a valuable insight into a range of home antennas and how they improve the ability to DX using the same radio. 

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June: That’ll be six new M6 Licences please from our End of May course! 

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