Dear Friends                                                               

I sure you would have come to know about the recent devastation due to flood and landslide in the southern Indian state of Kerala

There has been more than 350 deaths so far, houses and properties lost.

People are being put up in schools and other community locations for shelter and food.

The local Kerala group in Southend, The Southend Malayalee Association, is involved in a fundraiser .

The money collected is being transferred to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund.

Any financial help would be highly appreciated; even a pound will make a difference.

Please Please Please, donate with an open heart.

I’ve just returned last night (19th Aug) from Kerala, the condition over there cannot be described by words.

The details of the account where money has to be transferred is as follows.


  • Southend Malayalee Association (SMA)
  • Account number :67292768
  • Sort code : 30-92-93
  • Reference: Your Name -Flood relief fund


Bejoy. M0IKN


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