May 2017

DX from Sandford Mill

This is the place where Chelmsford keeps its historical Marconi radio equipment. TARG members Dean G4 WQI (photo) and Tony G0JYI joined with “CARS”, “Acorns”, “Essex CW” and other clubs for day of Morse Code.

CW has really taken-off recently with regular hour long nets at 8pm on Mon (144.180) Fri (144.250) Sun (144.060) classes every Thurs, and the calling channel for the other days (144.050)!

Presentation oG0WIFn QRP and HomeBrew

Tony G0WIF travelled from Kent to be our guest speaker for May. He described with great enthusiasm various QPR and home-made articles he had constructed over the year – and saved a bob or two in the process.

The link to his presentation is available on the news page of our website until 5June. Please do not re-post Tony’s slides, they are for personal use only.

Lots of hard work behind the Scenes

A BIG thank you to Jon 2E0KGX (photo)  for moving our website from an old server to a new one. Without Jon’s support this vital feature in promoting the club may have been compromised. A new look website is being proposed for launch in the autumn. 

Jon has been co-opted onto the Committee to lead on a number of technical projects under development.

Intermediate Exam

At the time of writing we are mid way between two weekends that comprise the Intermediate Course. Candidates have completed their practical assessments and we wish them well for the exam on Sunday afternoon. The results will be published in the next update.



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