May 2018

19May: Satellite Field Day at Hadleigh Country Park.

Photo of Field DayTARG did an amazing job to teach Satellites this month. At the club night on 4th May, Mark M0IEO, gave a presentation on the theory involved. He explained the website links to track satellites and predict exactly when and where they will appear in the sky.

Two weeks later we set up at Hadleigh Country Park, on a gloriously sunny day, to put the theory into practice.

Field DayThe predicted trajectory of the satellites had been published by Mark and posted on the website in advance so we knew where to point the antennas and the uplink and downlink frequencies.

At exactly the appointed time the VHF receiving radio splattered into life with an automated message “Hi, this is Amateur Radio Satellite Fox 1”. 

We tracked six passes during the day and established two contacts. The UHF transmissions that missed the Satellites will be speeding their way to infinity for the rest of time. 

Photo of Target Nite

18May: Variety at TARGet Nite

Every 3rd Friday we have our evening for hands-on projects.

There was programming DMR (photo), in another corner was faulting finding in a piece of electrical kit and upstairs the Morse Code course. 3D printing had a digital sundial comprising a plastic moulding that sun shines through to project the time onto the wall or table. 

Photo of Watt Tyler Park

12May: Preparation for GB2MFM

A few of us visited Watt Tyler Park with a 2m and 70cm rig to test repeater and simplex access so that we can update the GB2MFM website. 

We had a QSO on 2m with a station in Hastings on the South Coast some 70 miles away over the North Downs.

Clearly the elevated position of the Pill Box, operating from the roof of the Pill Box and having the antenna on a high mast makes all the difference. 

The event itself, in September, will have 2m, 70cm and DMR options making it the ideal mode of communications for contact in the South East of England. 

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Photo of Intermediate Course6May: Intermediate Course

The sun shone on these candidates today. 100% pass rate for the Intermediate Course. For one candidate, it was their third attempt (but first attempt with TARG). 

  • Top Row: Phillip, Robert, Brian (Huw & Mark Tutors).
  • Bottom Row: Eve and Suresh. (6th candidate left before the photo)

Delighted the four days of intensive building, study and revision paid off. Thanks also to the assistant Instructors, and Belinda who provided copious refreshments.

Many students prefer this style of tuition so that information is fresh in their minds for the written exam. Plans are underway to have online Exam capability by the time of the Foundation Course in September. 

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