Morse Code

huw2Learn Morse Code (CW)

Morse is increasingly popular, especially at this time of the solar cycle when voice can be a difficult to receive.

It’s not difficult to learn; think of it as a series of musical notes rather dots and dashes. From no knowledge of Morse to being proficient takes about 12 months.

There are many types of Morse key; the two most popular are:

  • Straight Key – like on the Titanic and old war films
  • Paddle Key – that goes from Left to Right rather than Up and Down.

Huw M0LHT (photo) and Nigel M0ICH can give 1-2-1 tuition during TARGet Nite (3rd Fri each mointh)

Several members of TARG are also members of, and tutored by, Essex CW held weekly in Danbury Village Hall on a Thursday Evening.

Learning Morse Code is an optional extra for Amateur Radio. It is good fun, gives a sense of achievement and opens up a whole new mode of opportunity.

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