Morse Code

huw2Learn Morse Code (CW)

Morse is increasingly popular, especially at this time of the solar cycle (2017/18) when voice can be a difficult to receive.

It’s not difficult to learn; think of it as a series of musical notes rather dots and dashes. From no knowledge of Morse to being proficient takes about 12 months.

There are many types of Morse key; the two most popular are:

  • Straight Key – like on the Titanic and old war films
  • Paddle Key – that goes from Left to Right rather than Up and Down.

Huw M0LHT (photo) leads the classes held twice a month at 7.30pm before the main meetings start at 8pm. Along with TARG member Dean G4WQI they run the TARG 2m Morse net on those Friday’s when there is no club meeting: 19:30hrs 144.250 USB.

Several members of TARG are also members of, and tutored by, Essex CW held weekly in Danbury Village Hall on a Thursday Evening.

Learning Morse Code is an optional extra for Amateur Radio. It is good fun, gives a sense of achievement and opens up a whole new mode of opportunity. 

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