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3 items from TARGet nite on 15th Mar.

Photo CollageA very busy and well attended evening.

Top Photo: Kenny M0XKG gave the second in his series on “Circuits Demystified” in response to questions from the membership. This month the topic was: “impedance”. His download is available on the Top Tips Page. This includes a link to a YouTube author with many other useful descriptions of electrical topics. If you have a question to be answered, either approach Kenny directly or ask via email to the club address.

Middle Photo. Andrew, M0ONH gave a demonstration of his prototype CW trainer and decoder to members of EssexCW. The test worked well with both computer generated and also, more importantly, human generated CW. This item will soon be available as a kit from

Lower Photo: Juan 2E0WEW brought  his “Go Box”; a solar powered HF transceiver needing only a single strand antenna and with results displayed on an integral computer laptop interface.

Top right corner of Top Photo. You may notice an unusual looking circular zig-zag shape. This is another variation on the Mag-Loop being developed by Bejoy. Like all these demonstrations, the whole point is to encourage members to ask questions and learn off each other.

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