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May Intermediate

First up, congratulations students and tutors with 100% pass rate (again!) for our Intermediate Course over two weekends ending on 5th May. Not wishing to single anybody out, but one candidate got 100% marks with immediate feedback using our online exam system. Not shown in the picture, but an integral part to the proceedings was Belinda M6JNX who, once again, provided an excellent catering service. To the four candidates – John, Andrew, Gareth and Jonathan – we look forward to welcoming you on the Friday net being an ideal opportunity show off your new call-signs.

Photo of robotMay started with a presentation at TARG by Andrew M0ONH. Over 30 members and visitors attended for this special talk on “All things micro”; more specifically, how home programmable mini computers are revolutionizing the way we do radio (and other applications).

Andrew has two helpful websites with external links and products for sale Andrew tailored the talk with a little bit of everything, including coding, to prompt further enquiry. He even demonstrated a dinky robot that keeps itself vertical by internal electronics – a fine example of what can be done with a little application.

Update on TARGet Nite: 17th May. This will be a Code-Plugging opportunity so bring your DMR and we’ll help upload the latest Code Plug for your make a model of radio. Also, there will be a Table Top Sale where any club member can bring items to sell for a small donation (£3) to the to help support club funds.

Lots happening later in the year – keep an eye on the Diary page; especially for a big pre-Christmas bonanza currently in the planning stage.

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