Picture of NewslttersDownload Club Newsletters in .pdf format

Newsletters are emailed to club members in the fortnight between the Club Meeting (with a speaker) and the practical TARGet Nite.

The newsletters are deliberately a snappy summary of what TARG has done since the last meeting and advertising what is coming up in the near future.

This page also doubles up, as necessary, as an overflow for News from the Home Page.

Picture of Drone VideoDownloads

Click here to watch 2min video of the TARG Satellite Field Day at Hadleigh Country Park on 2nd June 2019.

Click here to download the  .pdf of talk by Ken M0XKG on WeatherFax, RTTY and other receive-only modes available. (Jan 2020)


Click here to download the .pdf of talk by Andy M0IXY on Data Modes. Also, 5 supporting .mp3 files:, BUT read the talk first otherwise you may not know what you are istening to:  (1) 700_audio_orwell  (2) 700_idle_DV Short  (3) 700_tfc_DV Short  (4) 1984_orwell_sample  (5)  JT9-Short   (Mar 2020)


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