November 2018

November was a funny month as there was a lot going on behind the scenes in terms of keeping business as usual but not anything that would be considered particularly newsworthy…. except the the AGM on which the constitution of the Club’s existence depends and the convivial  Christmas meal with 35 reservations that cements the fraternity of the members, and the regular Club nets and the TARGet Nite. OK, so perhaps, like the swan metaphor, the club glides along smoothly thanks to the frantic paddling going on unseen underneath. 

Christmas 201830th Nov Christmas Meal: Thirty five enthusiastic members of TARG and their partners were booked for the Christmas meal at a local eatery. Sadly, illness prevented some from attending and we wish them well.

The top prize raffle was won by Jenson, M6OIU, which was a £25 meal voucher which will be a treat for Mum and Dad as he is 10years old! A good chance to ragchew with members and find out a little more about their other interests. 

Screen shot2nd Nov AGM:A year in Newsletters” was the theme of the Chairman’s report. Nigel, M0ICH looked back at the club’s achievements picking two topics from each monthly newsletter. There were also detailed reports on Finances and Training. If the club is to continue to grow and provide the huge range of activities then the message for next year is Participation, Participation, Participation! Special credit to Training Team led by Mark M0IE0, the success of TARGet Nite led by John M0LFX, and support by Jon M0KGX, Huw M0LHT, Debs 2E0PTD and Belinda M6JNX. 


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