September 2017

Photo of fixing malp27th Sept: In response to our our Health and Safety Audit we (well, Mark M0IEO and Norman M0FZW) installed a new brighter lamp (right) to help avoid a trip hazard in the car park. 

The club shack has an excellent location with loads of parking and easy access but it does get dark in the winter so the new light was installed just in time. 

17 Sept: Another great club field event at Hadleigh Country Park. Photo below shows the morning crew and more members visited in the afternoon. No tent this time as rain was forecast and we had to be prepared to pack away quickly but still set up five different antennas that attracted enquiries from passers by. As always a very useful exercise in operating portable especially for less experienced amateurs to try new techniques as more experienced hams were on hand for help and guidance. 

16 Sept: Yes, it’s a big picture so you can see the entries into the Light Bulb Challenge. Years ago, apparently, you needed a licence for an antenna so radio hams used a light bulb instead. Six different designs were entered in our summer project competition. There was a ladder line, artificial ground plain, long filament, sky dish, ordinary bulb, and a loud speaker shaped cone. CW was sent over 400m and the winner was John M0JRW (picture left) who just pipped Nigel M0ICH (second left) by one S-point. Educational and fun. 

Group Photo

01 Sept: In preparation for TARGs fourth field event of 2017 – see Diary Page – later this month Mark M0IEO gave a presentation on the planning that goes into such an event. He explained the issues around insurance, permission as well as the practicalities of what equipment to take and how to set it up. The evening concluded with refreshments, raffle and an auction. Notices drew attention to the updated Calendar found on the Diary page of this website. 


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