September 2018

Photo of Calibration21st September: A classic TARGet nite with everything that is good about club networking. 25 members attended and we dealt with practical radio issues such as: How to check the calibration on an Antenna Analyser, 1-2-1 help with getting to grips with a new DMR, White board explanation of amplifier circuits, and demo on a ATU using the club’s permanently installed Long Wire. Advance notice of questions was a real benefit.

Photo of candidates8th and 9th September: Another successful weekend Foundation Course at TARG. Ken and Juan are now awaiting their foundation call-signs. 

Two candidates on this occasion and they both passed. They showed exceptional aptitude and are booked in for our Intermediate Course in October. Thank you to the instructors and support staff who gave up their weekend to make the event possible. 

Photo of September meeting

7th September: Special presentation by guest speaker, Denis G0OLXC, on the technical aspects of DMR Radio.

Denis brought with him an actual DMR base station repeater, internet Modem, a whole range of handhelds and got the system working – live – with the results appearing online as he called in on the channels. The real value of the visit was for members to tap in with questions to one of the key players in this aspect of the hobby.  

4 photos1st and 2nd September: 

There is a lot more to a Club Field Day than operating a radio in a field. GB2MFM was the fourth field event this year for Thames Amateur Radio Group, with another two having been cancelled due to adverse weather.

We wanted to try something different so came up with the idea of operating from a World War 2 Pill Box and encouraged people to call-in from other military monuments within VHF range, which, via repeaters, included most of South East England.

Wat Tyler Country Park, just south of Basildon has a preserved Pill Box with a secure fence around its roof giving spectacular views over the Thames Estuary. This is a popular location for dog walkers and bird watchers. On the sunny weekend of 1st and 2nd September the park was rammed.

This was great news for us having set up our “Control” with a VHF omni-directional antenna on a massive telescopic mast towering above the trees. A Yagi on the Pill Box roof with flags, signs and information leaflets made us an obvious point of interest. Some walkers were ex-military radio operators or lapsed hams, and others just wanted to have-a-go on the Morse key.

Club members benefited from a lesson in how to operate portable from both a RF point of view and precautions over Health and Safety. Vice-Chair John, M0LFX, promoted the theme by driving to two WW2 airfields (Hornchurch and North Weald) and called in using a collapsible Yagi perched on his car roof.

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